“I have been a member of Seatown for two years now, and I can honestly say that the program has made me a better player and individual. I am completely comfortable asking them for help when I need advice on how to play libero (defensive specialist). I have also made many friends through the program, and I still see a lot of them throughout the high school volleyball season!”
Jennifer Palomo, Senior – Holy Names Academy

“Seatown was fun and gave me the chance to improve my volleyball game outside of the season and joining club. The coaches are super cool and really helpful. Thanks Coach Lori, Mama Lori, and the whole Seatown family!”

– Umoya McKinney, Sophomore – Garfield HS

“Seatown provided my daughter and many of her counterparts with an off-season opportunity to connect with caring coaches and other volleyball athletes as they honed their skills and had fun playing the sport they enjoy. Seatown is an affordable and accessible alternative to Club play that I’d recommend to any volleyball family.”
– Andre McKinney, Parent of Umoya McKinney – Sophomore at Garfield HS

“I feel that being part of Seatown had a big influence on where they are and how they’re helping their team. From my perspective, Seatown stresses the basic fundamentals in helping the kids improve, no matter what their skill level are coming in. Very often high school coaches expect you have this skill sets and often don’t even work on them during the season. During try outs, the skill sets of the players are on full display which determines whether you make the team or not. ”
– Tim Montero, Volunteer coach and Parent of Ysobelle – Senior at Blanchet HS

“I am so thankful for Seatown Volleyball. Coach Lori has taught my daughter the skills she needs to play the game she loves at a competitive level. It makes me so happy to see Bella and the other Seatown girls loving volleyball, bonding with each other on their high school team, and growing in their skills. Seatown made that possible!”
–  Lynn Liukko, Parent to Bella Batie – Senior at Cleveland HS

“I’ve been so impressed with Seatown – it gives players an opportunity to continue playing a sport that they love at a VERY affordable price. The coaches truly care about the kids & go over & beyond to promote a nurturing team building environment while developing players’ skills. Kudos to Seatown for making a club-like experience accessible to the community & for treating the girls like family – on & off the court!” – Rosemary Palomo, parent of Jen Palomo – Senior at Holy Names Academy